Blackberry’s Stock Price Explodes, Taking the D20 Stock Index With It

BlackBerry (BBRY) exploded for a 22.5-percent gain in stock price this week, helping the Driverless Transportation Weekly Stock Index (D20) achieve its third consecutive weekly gain.

The BlackBerry share price rose from $9.13 to $11.18 this week, helping eight other gainers overcome 11 price losers and push the D20 up 0.7 percent to close the week at 246.20.

BlackBerry made an announcement  this week that it expects the company will beat a $19-million quarterly profit expectation, pushing Blackberry’s stock price to levels not seen since November of 2014.

The D20 outpaced the Dow’s 0.2-percent gain and matched the S&P 500’s 0.7-percent gain. Since April of 2017, the Dow has risen 8.5 percent while the D20 has skyrocketed 32.5 percent.

Nissan (NSANY) was the D20’s largest price-percentage loser last week. It lost 5.6 percent of its value on news that 11.21 million Nissan cars in Japan will have to be recalled.

Delphi (DLPH) has announced that is going to spin off its automated driving and electrification business in March, and that it will call the new business Aptiv. The D20 will be modified to reflect Delphi’s changes and convert Delphi’s position to Aptiv’s when the spinoff is formalized.

Visit the Driverless Transportation D20 Stock Index page to learn more about it and its component stocks.

Up and Comers:

Luminar, has emerged from stealth mode and announced that one of its current major partners is the Toyota Research Institute (TRI). TRI has just updated its driverless test car to its latest version, 2.1, which now includes Luminar’s LiDAR technology. Luminar’s approach to Lidar has been to design everything from scratch to enable their product to “see” further, to detect black matte surfaces better and yet still be safe for the human eye.