Intel’s Offer to Buy Mobileye Launches the D20 Stock Index Past 190

With a 28-percent jump in its stock price due to Intel’s (INTC) offer to buy it for $15 billion, Mobileye (MBLY) led the Driverless Transportation Weekly Stock Index (D20) to its first ever closing value over 190.

With 15 stock price gainers and only five losers, the D20 jumped 4.3 percent, or 7.84 points, to close at 191.33, a record high.

With the Mobileye purchase offer, Intel seems to be playing catch-up in the driverless space, countering Qualcomm’s purchase of NXP Semiconductors.

In Mobileye, Intel is buying a software business that, according to software industry analyst IHS, currently owns about 70 percent of the world market for driver-assistance systems, including automatic braking, pedestrian detection and lane centering. Mobileye has commercial relationships with 23 automakers, including BMW and Ford.

After the Board of Directors of both companies approve the transaction and Mobileye disappears as a separate entity, we at Driverless Transportation will have to select a publically-traded replacement company for the D20. We need your suggestions in the comments!

Visit the Driverless Transportation D20 Stock Index page to learn more about it and its component stocks.



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