Our Top Ten Quotes about the Google Driverless Prototype

Google’s unveiling of their driverless prototype generated an abundance of news articles that are even flowing into this week. We’ve chosen ten quotes from several different articles that we found to be the most interesting and informative. View the top ten quotes below.


1.   “Google’s car is disruptive, it seems small and silly looking and limited if you look at it from the perspective of existing car makers.” — Brad Templeton, Robocars
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2.   “Google plans “about 100″ self-driving car prototypes” – Technology Tell
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3.   “Seniors can keep their freedom even if they can’t keep their car keys. And drunk and distracted driving? History.” – Time
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4.   “The toy-like concept vehicle has two seats, a screen displaying the route and a top speed of 25mph (40km/h).” – The Guardian
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5.   “It was inspiring to start with a blank sheet of paper and ask, “What should be different about this kind of vehicle? We started with the most important thing: safety.” – Telematics News
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6.   “Some will find their jobs start to change or even disappear such as professional drivers (taxi, truck, bus etc), auto-body repair, auto-insurance, road safety professionals, transportation planners etc.” – Paul Godsmark, CAVCOE
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7.   “Google’s Next Phase in Driverless Cars: No Steering Wheel or Brake Pedals” – New York Times
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8.   “Nothing is going to change overnight, but (Google’s announcement) is another sign of the drastic shifts in automotive technology, business practices and retailing we’re going to witness,” – Yahoo News
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9.   “Beep, beep. Car, which currently reaches only 40 km/h, faces many legal, regulatory hurdles’’ – CBC News
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10.   “Google’s First Car: Revolutionary Tech in a Remarkably Lame Package” – Wired
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Is Google’s new product a lame, toy-like car that will face serious legal hurdles and never get on the road? Or is this prototype a disruptive technology that is going to create drastic shifts in a wide range of industries and professions? What will Google come up with next? Tell us what do you think?



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  1. Steve Simpson
    Steve Simpson says:

    People have been criticizing the looks of the vehicle in comparison to today’s cars. But I believe the reality is that that is not the market that Google is going to go after. They are going to link up with UBER and offer this as a taxis service. People care a lot what their vehicle looks like when they are buying one but not when they are riding in a taxi.

    • Subatomic
      Subatomic says:

      It looks like a toy because they don’t want to dump money into a nice looking car if they cannot get it legalized and faster…

  2. Dee Simonds
    Dee Simonds says:

    First thing I thought of was how does it deal with the ‘road rage’ of others? Clearly, I would expect those bright Google programmers wouldn’t ‘teach it’ road rage – but since it only reaches 25mph – one might expect the Google car could be a victim of such behavior.

    On a positive note, I see it being a great resource for vacationers in small, laid back vacation destinations like in the Caribbean…

  3. DriverlessTransportation
    DriverlessTransportation says:

    I’m pretty sure there won’t be a Rage subroutine in the software. I think this type of vehicle will annoy some but it will be use in scenarios where 25mph is more than fine. (Here in DC we have some highways where much of the day it would be an improvement to be going 25 mph).

    Your vacation example is a great one as tourists tend to not know where they are going and to drink too much. There will probably be retirement communities that may ban driven vehicles and use this type of technology as the main form of transportation. Given that there are already roads in existence there won’t be any infrastructure costs. Specialized vehicles will be designed with a rear entrance designed to support a wheelchair. These can even be designed so that the person doesn’t have to get in and out of their chair.

    Here in Washington DC, we have a nice subway system that works well for commuting into the city or getting around the city. But it is very limited in most of the suburbs because there is not good way to go those last few miles. I could see services here in places like Reston, VA (1 million sq ft of office space) or Tyson’s Corner, VA (43 million sq ft f office) where these type vehicles would work in and around the subway. People who work in these towns could take the subway and then a taxi service with one of these to their actual office. These places are designed around cars and there is no practical way to get around them without one. Since this is where much of the growth it would make perfect sense.

    I think there are some pretty sharp folks at Google.

  4. kim
    kim says:

    Agree that this would be great for vacation destination or as a way to get around at large resort or even corporate campus – could actually see it hitting European market before US -has a European feel

  5. DriverlessTransportation
    DriverlessTransportation says:

    The other places that could easily go first are in Asia. For example, consider places like Qatar, Singapore and China. Each of these places has money, wants to be innovative and has a government that can dictate change without any concern for getting sued or public opinion.

  6. Millie
    Millie says:

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  7. olivierlehe
    olivierlehe says:

    This is incredible to see how Google progressed within 1 year about their program “Google self-driving car project”. This is now not anymore, a concept with technical tests using a Toyota cars, as it was last year, with Prius or Lexus RX; this is not anymore a technical solution with engineers embedded in these cars, checking the issues of the software developed.
    This concept allows Google to propose a completely automatized car without any steering wheel nor any pedals of acceleration or brake nor any engineer embedded in the car.
    If you are interested by more information, you can read my article on Google Cars you can read at: http://worldofinnovations.net/2014/06/15/connected-car-new-model-building-by-google/

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