We are convinced that Driverless Transportation is going to radically change the world – much sooner than you may believe. Our mission is to provide the premier location for information and insights on the industry. We’ve put together this website to share that information. Comments and feedback are always welcome.

We have a great team who are very excited about these emerging technologies.

Amy Anderson

Amy has a B.S. in Media Studies with a concentration in Advertising from Radford University. She is interested in innovative technology and the ways it can change how we live today. Amy believes driverless transportation will help create a more safe, leisurely travel experience and is excited to be part of the transformation.

Darcy Conlin

Darcy graduated from Wheelock College and studied Computer Science at Northeastern University before she started her career in online marketing. She loves technology and her ambition to simplify the world is what motivates her to creatively find better solutions to everything. The allure of the unfolding autonomous vehicle industry intrigues her from the perspective of a carpool-free life, but she has secretly always wanted to be a racecar driver.

John Estrada

John has over 25 years experience in starting, and growing technology companies. John’s technical expertise is in software development and system testing. John really likes seeing something come from nothing and thus is very excited about this industry. He has degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Virginia Tech. He really doesn’t like driving and is looking forward to not having to.

Jennifer van der Kleut

Jennifer is originally from the Silicon Valley in Northern California, where she grew up influenced by the latest technology from giants like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and more. She graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Journalism, Public Relations and Mass Communications. She has more than 10 years of experience writing, reporting and editing for news publications such as Silicon Valley Community Newspapers, South Bay Accent Magazine, AOL/Patch.com and ABC7 News in Washington D.C. Jennifer is fascinated by the world of driverless transportation technology and looks forward to one day being able to take a nap while her car drives her around.

Burney Simpson

Burney has covered business, politics, state government, and Chicago’s City Hall where his reporting on race and business received national awards. Burney has a BA in journalism from Columbia College Chicago. Prior to reporting, he was a trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Burney would love to trade in his 12-year-old Civic for an autonomous vehicle.

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